Party updates

Finally, I found some time to breathe and posting the party updates before I get pulled back into the quick sand aka work.

I had plans to take off on LHB’s special day (Tuesday) and be at his service all day but the weather (indha pazha pona weather. forgive me I can’t even translate it)Β had other plans. It made us all hibernate at home on Monday that we all were forced to step out on Tuesday to finish all those piled up tasks. There vanished all my plans of taking off, making the girl take off and request M to come home early. Forget about day off, I couldn’t even work from home. I went to work but managed to leave early, pulled Adi out from school a little early and M, don’t ask me. Okay he came home at 6pm.

The preparations started around 4pm. Luckily, I made the plans ahead and baked the cake and cup cakes previous night. So, that evening this sweet neighbor girl, let’s call her N helped me and we pulled together microwave cheat way of thirattu paal (recipe coming up soon), veg puff and decoration of cake. For the records, cake was decorated by N, Adi and myself. While I did the frosting fillings and writings, N drew those leaves/flowers and Adi’s idea was the m&m border. Amma made idli, sambar, wheat rava pongal, coconut chutney, potato masala and dosa. Yummy hot crispy dosa was served with potato masala stuffing once we started with dinner. Heavenly I say!

We didn’t plan it in large scale. Initially, thought of baking a small cake and cut it with family but then invited two of our neighbors living in same floor who have now become like our extended family.

Back to the evening, once M reached home, we made a visit to nearby Saibaba temple. Came back home around 8pm, Cake was cut at 9pm and dinner was served at 9:30pm to the pour souls who have been invited to home around 6pm. Anyways, N was with us since afternoon and her husband came back from work at 11pm. R, from the other family made her entry around 8pm and took charge of all the pending work. All the decorations at home was done by N and R.

Adi, LHB and R’s kids were playing around happily and R’s husband joined us soon after. We wrapped it all up around 11:30pm. Amma’s food was savored heartily by everyone that all tummies were ready to explode by the end of the party. So, the cakes and sweets were packed as to go for next day. All that starts well end well!

Phew!! I am done with the post sitting on my draft for almost a month now.

The End!





16 thoughts on “Party updates

  1. Super, Ani! And hugs to the two little ones! πŸ™‚

    One doubt.. That last pic on the right which has something written in the form of A no, what is that? Looks tempting, that’s why want to know! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Its supposed to be thirattu paal Maya.. but konjam little bit-a hard agiducha adhu dhaan N made it like small cakes with a small round dabba and arranged it like A πŸ™‚

  2. *Falls at feet* You are amazing Ani..and what super duper decoration of the cake..and you baked it as wow!! LBH is a lucky fellow indeed!

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