Today’s Spl

I know I know, I will pay for this big big time once Amma leaves.

Sighh the fear of future never let’s one the enjoy the present!!!

Keeping the mind aside,tummy is very happy today 🙂

Idli immersed in pottu kadalai (fried gram dal) chutney for breakfast and the favorite kara kuzhambu getting prepared for Lunch. 

Working from home with Maya’s song collections in the background and savoring these yummilicious treats served in hands. Who cares if there is hands full of work? Bliss is the word to describe this moment!!! A moment spent to step aside from the crazy life and thank God for all his blessings.   


Hope all of you are doing good. I am again lagging behind with reader. Hope to get to it sooner. 

Take care!


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