Parents night out

Isn’t this so thoughtful of Adi’s school?

Want to know the discussion about this at our household?

M – night out? couples? what does these alien words mean?
Ani – as usual confused, not knowing whether I would prefer to go or not, trying to educate the family as what this is all about.
Adi – why don’t you guys just go? At least I will get to watch a movie and eat my pizza at peace with an “i-dont-care-even-if-you-both-end-up-fighting-there” attitude. Priorities!!!!
LHB – was eyeing for a moment to grab the paper and chew.
Amma – was not in the vicinity at all.

Yes, we are one happy family. Any doubt?

The End!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 2.29.38 PM.png


12 thoughts on “Parents night out

  1. Ani you should make use of this. R and I started going out alone and we fee great about it. Now we have parents to watch Chucky. In her Gymnastic center they have parents night-out once every month.We think we will make use of it once parents leave. Chucky also enjoys such night out where she get to have fun with other kids and of course with Adult monitoring.

  2. lol.. if i was there i would be more worried about the late coming fee.. :).. they could have given another hall for parents with a movie screen.. arranged date for parents and kids.. šŸ˜›

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