Archive | March 17, 2014

Career day

Career day at school will always see Adi wearing that standard doctor coat we bought some three years ago. We never discussed as what she really wanted to be for the fear of hunting for the right costume and she didn’t bother too. She was happy as long as she got her white coat and stethoscope.

But, this year the white coat was missing and we didn’t have enough time to buy a new one. So, while thinking what to do, Adi came up with this brilliant idea. She decided to go as an artist (she really wants to be one in grownup days). She wore the t-shirt that RM gifted her (decided to say that her aunt made this design and inspired her to be an artist) and took a card board color palette along with it. I was overwhelmed as this was the first time we made justice to the career day.

Thank you is a small word RM. She loves this t-shirt and kept chanting on the initial days of receiving this gift as “How does aunty know that I love books amma? Isn’t the words written are so true? very true amma, very true”.

It was a very thoughtful gift. Thanks you RM..