Amma’s kaivannam

Whenever she gives the choice to us we generously say “rasam mattum vachidunga..adhu podhum. It might be a simple task for her but she doesn’t know that its a feast for us”.

One dish that M and I unanimously choose from Amma’s list always.

Method 1
1. Tadka – Mustard seeds, Asafotedia, Curry leaves
2. Add cut tomatoes, slit green chillies, saute till the tomatoes get mushy.
3. Add pepper powder, jira powder, salt, crushed garlic, turmeric powder.
4. Add tamarind water and bring it to one boil.
5. Add coriander leaves after switching off stove.

Method 2
1. Grind tomato, pepper, jira, green chillies.
2. Add the ground paste to tamarind water.
3. Add turmeric powder, crushed garlic.
4. Tadka – Mustard seeds, Asafotedia, Curry leaves.
5. Add the tamarind water mix, bring it to one boil.
5. Add coriander leaves after switching off stove.

Enjoy!! Naanga appadiyae sapiduvom illai illai kudichiduvom 🙂




26 thoughts on “Rasam

  1. East or west, amma’s rasams are the best! 😀

    My amma makes the bestest rasams too, especially her lemon rasam on flu days are like heaven! After having her’s for years, mine taste like uppu thanni to me 😦

    • I so wish I can feed you thru’ the wires.. hugs and feel better soon RM..
      if possible show this post to RD and ask him to make some rasam for you with extra pepper for the throat..

  2. Ammavin kaimanam….mmmm….totally agree ! Its an overdose of love in it which makes it special and yummy 🙂
    My amma made kothamalli thogaiyal today – simple things which makes life worth living !

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