Is time the best healer? I don’t agree at least for those pains that I categorize as life pain. It has been more than a decade but the intensity of the excruciating pain remains the same. The same to have sleepless night accompanied by a wet pillow when the memories of the pain gushes over as if they all have  just happened yesterday. There is no hope anymore. It is time to realize there is no way out and just accept to live with it. Not to realize for those few days and forget but to realize and be mindful about it always. The biggest challenge is to be mindful and yet live with sanity. After all, life is full of challenges.



26 thoughts on “Pain

  1. I too agree that time is not a healer for certain pains…… All we can do is accept the reality and move ahead hoping such pains never come our way again….. Take care Ani….

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