Archive | April 3, 2014

Serious talks

An attempt to have  “serious talks” with Adi:

Incident # 1
The girl is now addicted to “Cakeboss” that she will readily accept an offer from Buddy if he decides to employee children. So, you know like that “typical mommy” who has this constant thirst to always teach good values to the kid, I grabbed the opportunity when the girl was watching “Cakeboss” and told M that may be cooking is a better profession for our daughter as she loves all cookery shows and how she can excel in that yaada yaada.. Adi snapped, Amma may be “watching cooking show” is a better profession for me!!!

Incident # 2
We were discussing about money, its importance, how we earn it et all. I spend all my energy for about five minutes explaining to her the full cycle of

money=need to work
work = need to have a basic degree
degree = graduate from a college
graduate = study well now and go to middle school and high school

so, it all boils down to studying well now. I drank a full bottle of water after this talk. Then, decided to check if she understood and asked a few questions. I know who can win the fate.

Self: what do you need when you grow up to live in your apartment and buy things for yourself?
Adi: Money
(I was happy that she got the idea and straightened myself to ask her the next set of questions. You know work, degree, graduate, study well and all that)
Self: So, how do you get that money?
Adi: By playing and jumps around by saying I hope, I hope, I hope with her fingers crossed!!!

No, you don’t want to know my reaction. Please.

Incident # 3
We attended a free knitting class on a weekend and learned different type of knots. Later that day, we were practicing at home to make a bookmark and the girl was very impatient. She wanted the output in few minutes. I was continuing with my knitting. She asked me with a jealous look if I will be done with my bookmark by today. I should have just shut my mouth with a simple yes or no but as you know me, I spoke for the next five minutes about how I can’t complete it now as this requires more time and patience. That, now I have very little time to do things for myself. That, I will do knitting, dancing and all that -ing once she and her brother are on their own and doesn’t need me anymore yaada yaada..
After listening to all that patiently she replied with a worried face “Don’t worry amma. I will ensure that I depend on you even when I am 30 and you don’t get any free time to do things for yourself”

The End!