Second home

The little boy has taken the big step today. His daycare journey has started and he did great for the first day. I took day off today and watched him secretly for few hours. I have prepared myself for weeks that I should control my tears and turn deaf to his howling, that I should not run to him upon hearing the constant cry. But, he was just fine after an hour. Thanks to the care takers. They pacified him really well and carried him around until he was comfortable.  He dozed off on the care taker’s shoulder and sat quietly on her lap when rest of the kids played outdoor. He didn’t play or mingle with other kids but observed them quietly as they played. I returned home with a light heart and then picked him up in few hours. He was taking nap when I went to pickup.

He is in half a day program this week and starting full time from next week. His schedule for next five years is set. Hope he will start to like the people at his second home sooner and create beautiful memories.



16 thoughts on “Second home

    • I am doing okay.. He had adjusted quite well.. by quiet well I mean he cries for a while after I go out of his sight and then make peace. Not very active but at the same time not crying.. Sigghh!!

  1. Arey Ani he will adjust…I cried like crazy when R went to daycare at 1 year..and she took a week to adjust…I cried for 20 days..go figure who is the kid here…..big hugs..and trust me, he will be totally fine!

  2. Awww.. Ani this reminds me of Lime’s first week in day care.. It has been so hard for me… but all’s good now.. He likes it there and enjoys well.. LHB will like it soon.. hugs! 🙂

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