Who is better?

Not offering help to others (others refer to people in closest circle) and not passing unnecessary comments.. basically, minding your own business and living within your own shell.


Going out of the way to help others (which will be the kind of help needed for that hour in most cases) and also pass unnecessary comments/suggestions here and there without being asked for. That “adhiga-prasangi” one but good at heart and nice type.

To be the mix of both, of offering help without being asked for and remaining quiet at the same time is the zen state. This post if not about them.

There is a saying in Tamil that goes “kovam irukara idathula dhaan gunam irukkum”. Not completely related but it can be re-written for this situation too.

What do you think? Who is better?

ETA: Another one came to mind. Which one of the below would you prefer?

A quiet life with less skirmishes, less talk and less sharing


a chaotic life full of talks, sharing, fights, apologies, love and hate?


#reading shiva trilogy. on the 3rd book. Trying to understand the balance between good and evil.


11 thoughts on “Who is better?

  1. Trying to find a balance between good and evil ah???? Looks like the book is making you question a lot.

    Coming to the answers – I am really not sure. At times it feels good to have people who wouldnt question you at all. But then there are some ppl who mooku nolachify in everything but be very good at heart too. We need a mix of both I think 🙂 Same to the second scenario as well 🙂 Else life will be too boring.

  2. Oru nalla Sambhar ku epdi uppu puli kaaram ellam right amount la venumo adhe mari we need all kinds of people in right balance .
    ** SS gives a very calm tejas filled look like most saamiyaars do today **

  3. had you asked this a few months back i would say , help out someone if you can BUT today I would say remain out, , I know because I have suffered for the fact that I helped others.

    I took a loan last year to pay a “FRIENDS”, debt off and he was to pay the monthly installements, for the loan.. he would not get loan , I would .. But i have had just ONE installment.. and I am on verge of loosing the friendship .. you might say he is struggling and cant afford i shud have patience .. well

    we went to a party last weekend.. his wife had a suit which she boasted of being about 50 to 60K.. and the son had same …

    So now i have decided friends are friends But dont involve money as those very friends take you for granted and NOw I have a loan on my head.. in all my LIFE I have never taken one ..

    so its better to be the BAD friend in todays day and age …

  4. certain questions don’t ahve definite answers and these questions are of that type… Anwers to these might make like certain but life is always a set of uncertain centainities 😛

  5. certain questions don’t ahve definite answers and these questions are of that type… Anwers to these might make life certain but life is always a set of uncertain certainities

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