Mother’s day 2014

Better late than never.

Thank you all so much for all your lovely birthday wishes to Adi. I am really really sorry for not replying to the comments in earlier post. I have not read any of your posts either. Life is crazy at this moment with everyone leaving me.. At work front, my counterpart is leaving in one week and every minute at work has been utilized to the most. Ever since I landed on this country again,work seems to take me on a toll. Working across time zones and more work coming my way before the work in hand takes some shape. Good part is I am learning something new everyday. Gone are the days when I had the luxury to read few posts in between work or at lunch time. As if this is not enough, Amma is also leaving me around at the same time. I think I have ranted enough about it already. Last weekend I did laundry at 11pm on Sunday night. But, I was telling myself that harder days are ahead!!!

Something that made me step away from craziness and smile. How can I not share it with you all?

From Adi: She bought this from Plant sale at school with her “own” money.



From LHB: Looks like he scribbled those lines and that’s his hand print.. He tore the cards before we could go Awwww but I managed to click it 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Mother’s day 2014

  1. Wowow.. own money .. now that is something. . Lots of love and hugs to the little one..
    I have been a bad uncle to my niece.. i had promised her I will meet her before boarding the plane on way to uk.. and she promised she would take me for ice ream.. The best place in gurgaon. . But u could not make it.. she said she will pay from her own money..

    I am a bad man😂😂😂

    That is such a cute card..

    Happy mothers day. .

  2. Awwww! orange sembaruthi is it? Such a sweet gift and I am still going Awwww at LHB’s card 😀

    Take care Ani.. many many hugs. I cant imagine how you did laundry at 11pm on Sunday night. Biggggg hugs!

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