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Knock knock

Anybody still looking at this space? I promised myself to write only after reading all the pending posts in my reader and commenting on them but looks like its never gonna happen so thought of saying a quick hello.. Hope all of you are doing well. Have got some breathing space at work today so utilizing my lunch time to do a quick post. Hope this will get me back into the blogging world that I have been missing so badly.

We are slowly getting back to routine at home. I have started cooking after almost two years and I must give it to M and Adi for adjusting to the taste. The food was horrible in week 1 but still they ate. I am not able to understand how a fish kuzhambu can taste so pathetic even worse than plain tamarind water though I have followed the procedure to T and no ingredients are missed. When I narrated the procedure to Amma over phone she said it sounds perfect but only that the family couldn’t taste that perfect dish in the perfect way. I am still clueless about what did I miss. I felt even worse after watching “Un Samayal Araiyil”.

LHB was down with viral fever for past ten days. He was affected by HFMV disease. Looks like with this, the kid will developer fever for few days, then tiny bumps in Hand, Foot, Mouth (HFM, thus the name) and it will take several days to clear off. There was no medication except for pain reliever and M managed him quite well. Poor chap went through a terrible phase and gave us hard time for every meal. LHB’s love or should I say craziness, madness for Appa is growing strong day by day. I wonder if they were the famous laila majnu or ambikapathy amaravathy in previous birth. He clings on to M’s shorts always and refuses to stay in the room where M is not there. Adi and I are treated as untouchables by him. Even in deep sleep, when transferred to the bed from crib he wants to be by his Appa’s side.. He is definitely going to pay for this one day.

Adi’s summer vacation has started and she is at home for few weeks. We are alternating working from home and leaving her at neighbor’s home. I haven’t asked her to study anything in these holidays and let her do anything she likes. Neighbor girl “N” and Adi has made a treasure box for this summer. They are adding something special to it everyday, maintaining an Index card of what they add, why its special and planning to display it to the families by end of summer. The girls are having some fun together and its good to see Adi have a company of her age. They come up with  random stuff to present to the family. Like they organized a send off party with art exhibition for parents, executed a skit for both families on a weekend based on “cap for sale” story and so on.. It reminds of my childhood playtime with neighborhood kids. Good to see her spend the holidays the way it is supposed to be.

I will try to soon capture Adi’s birthday party moments before they fade off my memory and catch up with all yours posts.. I see some light at end of tunnel so there is hope.. Expect me at your space.. Coming soon!!!!