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Today, she had organized Annadhanam (offering food to devotees) for around 150 people in local temple and it went on very well. By very well, I refer to the quality of food, availability of food to all and the blessings she received from elders who relished the food. The past one week has been very busy for her with a team of ladies swirling around executing the tasks assigned to them. She was heading the team and everyday I call to get updates like “Today I went to the town to buy saree for God, Today we are going to buy vegetables, Today I am making laddu”. Oh by the way, our share of laddu is on its way 🙂

Proud of you Amma and I still have a whole lot to learn from you as a person, as a friend, as a mother, as an organizer. Continue to follow your heart and live life to the fullest.


Annadhanam menu:
brinjal/drumstick sambar
tomato paruppu rasam
cabbage paruppu kootu
potato peas kuruma
brinjal kara curry
butter milk
mango pickle


Story of dal

M is a person who has no demands when it comes to food. He can survive with burned bread or can eat one full chicken for a meal. He had neither asked for anything specific or special anytime nor criticised my cooking. It is whatever I cook. He eats without saying a word. But that’s annoying too especially when I cook something special with so much effort. When I pester he will say its okay no matter how good or bad the taste is.

So last evening, this man said it loud that it has been ages since he had moong dal as side dish for chapathi. I didn’t respond then but decided to make it for his lunch next day. Today morning, I woke up little earlier, cooked moong dal (MIL’s style), packed all of it for his lunch and packed curd rice with ladies finger fry for Adi’s lunch. I finished all kitchen work, including sterilizing LHB’s bottles, boiling water for him, making curd, clearing trash and all well ahead of time and got ready to my work. But, the satisfaction lasted only until M called me in the afternoon.

12:30 pm – M called and said “I think the lunch box is swapped. I have taken Adi’s lunch box”. I cursed myself enough for packing their lunches in same type of bag and of course he received his share of dosage too. Can’t a man check the aluminum foil rolled chapatis and his lunch box inside the bag before keeping it in his office bag? How could he be so careless? Will the girl eat dal? Didn’t I make it spicy? Too many questions were running in my mind until the next shock came from Adi.

The first thing I asked her after pickup was “Did you eat your lunch?” and she said she is so mad as she had to throw away the lunch. All kids had to throw their lunch away as they went to a theatre to watch a show and the theatre did not allow outside food. She even reasoned with the coordinator that her Amma woke up early to pack the lunch *preen alert starts* Oh did I say, Adi has a fan club at school for lunch. Okay not a fan club but sort of as some kids like to taste her lunch everyday. *preen alert ends*. But, unfortunately they had to throw the food away as it was strict rules at the theater. Adi was later saying it is so unfair that they made them throw away the food and forced them to buy inside. You know Amma? a popcorn pack was six dollars, hot dogs was four dollars. This is so unfair and she started crying. She said sorry to me and her Appa , for throwing away his favorite lunch. She felt very bad about this incident and kept saying sorry. It is not easy to get a sorry from her.

The story doesn’t end yet. M came home, tasted the tiny bits of dal in the lunch box and said the taste is not that good. It didn’t taste like his favorite dish. That surprisingly pacified me. Now, I have another chance to make better dal. May be soon, this time after checking the recipe with MIL.

I could have at least caught up on my sleep in the morning if I had better known as what’s coming up. So much drama to just throw it away. There is a saying that goes as “the consumer’s name has been written on every morsel of rice and no one can change it”.

The curd rice and ladies finger returned home untouched and stored in the refrigerator for now. Its destiny is yet to be identified. It could either be lucky enough to serve Adi’s taste buds or kiss the trash in few days. Let’s wait and see.

This incident was a life lesson for me as well as it taught me to not worry too much about everything and take it as it comes. What is supposed to happen will happen for sure. Learn to accept.. Long way to go!!!


Summer 2014

What are we up to this summer?

Adi can now solve cube (inspired from Amma. She has been eyeing it ever since I solved it last year and have got to it finally). I have to admit that Adi solves it better than me.. She learned it in 3 days.


She is practicing the carnatic songs she learns from pattu class in piano. She has been doing this out of her own interest and getting pretty good at it.


She is part of Fizz Boom summer reading club at local library. Not making great progress but reading whenever she gets time in-between other craziness.

She wants to put-up a lemonade stand but I am still fiddling on that idea. I mean I need cooler, crushed ice, pitcher, table.. Ok forget it for this summer is all I say to myself every time I think of it but there is still tiny little hope. Let’s see.

She is going to hang out for a day with two of her friends from school this weekend.

She has a journal but writes only when bored or when reminded of its existence.

She is having a very good time at the summer fun program organized by the mayor for our city residents. They take them to pool, bowling and field trips.

I should say this is her best summer of all years. A visit to beach and couple of other places would make it perfect.

Party updates – 2

What better post can I choose to write about the little girl’s party details than my 400th one 🙂 It just happened..

I am sad to say that none of you came close to the theme. How could you forget the love affair she had with watching Cake Boss episodes back to back? But, your responses made me wonder about a book themed party. May be in one of the coming year. So, it was a baking themed party this year.

Invitation – check

Please don’t break my heart by saying the invitation looks like an ice cream. It is supposed to be a cup cake.


Decorations – check

cup cake shaped card was sticked and ballons were hanged around our vasantha maligai (home aka palace) at random spots.


Food (home made) – check

I didn’t want to buy pizza so made vegetable pasta and mac n cheese at home. Adi made the toasted cheese sandwich, cut it into triangles and placed toothpick on each piece with absolutely no help from me. I also planned to make chicken strips but forgot 😦 And then there is always juice and ice creams.


Crafts – check

Kids made chef hat and colored cup cake shaped foam pad. I was also planning to make them decorate their own apron but few days before the party, I got some colorful aprons from store so skipped this part. Do you see the chef hat and apron on the pic?



Games – check

We played walking inside two straight lines from one end to another with eyes blindfolded (it was so much fun) and bingo.



Cake cutting – check

It was home made marble cake


Saved the best for last – Making of cake pops.. It was this close to become a disaster but M came to my rescue. The trial Adi and I made few weeks before party came out very well. I guess murphy was waiting to visit me on the day of party. The pops were falling apart, frosting was getting thicker before we could dip the pop and all that was not supposed to happen was happening.  At one point, the girls gave up and I was about to burst out, but M helped to pull it all together. He used milk as thinning agent for frosting, found a technique to keep the pop safe from breaking apart. It continued to be a disaster for few pops but still we managed to pack 5 pops for each kid as a return gift.

I made the cake base the previous day, crumbled it and kept it freezer. On the party day, the girls made the balls, dipped the balls in frosting to make pops and decorated it with toppings. Trust me, it doesn’t look as simple as it sounds. I called the parents and requested them to come one hour late for pick-up. One of the friend who agreed to help on the day ditched me and I was left there alone to handle everything by myself. Through out the party, my hands were shivering and I could not hold the pop or staple the chef hat. I don’t want to talk much about the friend in this happy post. It took me a long time to recuperate from it. My relationship with the said person is not going to be the same as before. This day made me better understand the word “better-half”. M exceeded my expectations for once and gave me a hand when it was needed the most. Without him, I would have called it quits.

The girls made few pops and as M and I were making and packing the rest, they watched the movie Jumanji.


Return gift – check

Cake pops, apron, chef hat, colored cup cake foam board and chocolates. I have individually wrapped the pops and then wrapped it in a purple film and tied a bow.


I don’t know if it was true but Adi said later the day that this was the best party ever, that this has exceeded last year’s fruit themed party and thanked me a million times.

The effort and tension was worth her happiness.

This party happened on the weekend following her bday. On her birthday, we took her to Carlos bakery as a last hour planned surprise visit and bought a birthday cake. It costed an arm and leg and don’t start me with the taste. None of us really liked it but the look on her face when we were in front of the bakery was worth the visit. M took a video of her reaction.


Phew, there I wrote the birthday updates after nearly two months. I can sleep better now.


Party updates – 1

Better late than never. I guess most of my posts in this blog start with this line. So, here are the updates about Adi’s 9th grand (not-so) birthday party. 

April: I started thinking as what to do for Adi’s birthday party. I was weighing all options considering our present situation and was left confused as it happens every year. We live in a small apartment, so calling in families is ruled out, arranging at a party place had budget constraints and other practical difficulties, not having a party at all was not convincing, so after much thinking I decided to just call three of her best girl friends (only kids) home and arrange for a simple party with no theme. 

Beginning of May: On an evening, as we were returning home from library, I opened the topic with Adi, explained all options and asked for her opinion. She was okay with my decision but wanted it based on a theme. I could not exactly recollect, how we arrived at this theme, but by end of the conversation in that ten minutes walk, the theme was decided and the girl was jumping with joy on the street as that happened to her her favorite theme. Within next few seconds, we have made rest of the plan. 

Any guesses on the theme?


bad parenting

I shouted at Adi today.. Uncontrollably like a histeric person and feeling shameful to say that I broke the top part of a lid as I was working at kitchen at that time. I feel bad about myself. I don’t have the energy to explain why and the details but I feel bad.. very bad. Tears are flowing non stop.. I am sitting at living room typing this post and Adi is at bed room lying upside down on the bed. I don’t know how I will make it up with her.. Something is bothering me.. I am not able to pin point at the issue and something is bothering me very much. I have become a whining girl, crying every other day for no reason. Absolutely no reason from the surface but there is a reason deep in my mind that is triggering all this. At this point, I am not able to decipher this reason and even if I do, I don’t know if I will have a solution for it. So, why bother to know the reason? Is this how life treats every body? why is grass is always greener on the other side? where does all my gyans for others vanish when I am at it..  Like I always promise myself every time, I promise now that I will not shout at Adi anymore and be harsh to her and sincerely hope that she will erase this incident from her memory… Today is just another bad parenting day!!!