Archive | July 15, 2014

Party updates – 1

Better late than never. I guess most of my posts in this blog start with this line. So, here are the updates about Adi’s 9th grand (not-so) birthday party. 

April: I started thinking as what to do for Adi’s birthday party. I was weighing all options considering our present situation and was left confused as it happens every year. We live in a small apartment, so calling in families is ruled out, arranging at a party place had budget constraints and other practical difficulties, not having a party at all was not convincing, so after much thinking I decided to just call three of her best girl friends (only kids) home and arrange for a simple party with no theme. 

Beginning of May: On an evening, as we were returning home from library, I opened the topic with Adi, explained all options and asked for her opinion. She was okay with my decision but wanted it based on a theme. I could not exactly recollect, how we arrived at this theme, but by end of the conversation in that ten minutes walk, the theme was decided and the girl was jumping with joy on the street as that happened to her her favorite theme. Within next few seconds, we have made rest of the plan. 

Any guesses on the theme?