Summer 2014

What are we up to this summer?

Adi can now solve cube (inspired from Amma. She has been eyeing it ever since I solved it last year and have got to it finally). I have to admit that Adi solves it better than me.. She learned it in 3 days.


She is practicing the carnatic songs she learns from pattu class in piano. She has been doing this out of her own interest and getting pretty good at it.


She is part of Fizz Boom summer reading club at local library. Not making great progress but reading whenever she gets time in-between other craziness.

She wants to put-up a lemonade stand but I am still fiddling on that idea. I mean I need cooler, crushed ice, pitcher, table.. Ok forget it for this summer is all I say to myself every time I think of it but there is still tiny little hope. Let’s see.

She is going to hang out for a day with two of her friends from school this weekend.

She has a journal but writes only when bored or when reminded of its existence.

She is having a very good time at the summer fun program organized by the mayor for our city residents. They take them to pool, bowling and field trips.

I should say this is her best summer of all years. A visit to beach and couple of other places would make it perfect.

17 thoughts on “Summer 2014

  1. wow.. this makes me miss my classes.. i was feeling more breathless after the class, so had to stop my music class till i deliver the baby.. i too want to learn how to solve the rubiks cube.. may be that will be good time pass when i am inside labour room.. 🙂

    • cube? time pass? It was driving me crazy until I got it right.. may be labour room is not a good choice where you are supposed to breathe deep and easy.. wowww you learn music now too? is it carnatic vocal? how long have you been learning? wish I can start some day too..

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