Archive | July 25, 2014

Story of dal

M is a person who has no demands when it comes to food. He can survive with burned bread or can eat one full chicken for a meal. He had neither asked for anything specific or special anytime nor criticised my cooking. It is whatever I cook. He eats without saying a word. But that’s annoying too especially when I cook something special with so much effort. When I pester he will say its okay no matter how good or bad the taste is.

So last evening, this man said it loud that it has been ages since he had moong dal as side dish for chapathi. I didn’t respond then but decided to make it for his lunch next day. Today morning, I woke up little earlier, cooked moong dal (MIL’s style), packed all of it for his lunch and packed curd rice with ladies finger fry for Adi’s lunch. I finished all kitchen work, including sterilizing LHB’s bottles, boiling water for him, making curd, clearing trash and all well ahead of time and got ready to my work. But, the satisfaction lasted only until M called me in the afternoon.

12:30 pm – M called and said “I think the lunch box is swapped. I have taken Adi’s lunch box”. I cursed myself enough for packing their lunches in same type of bag and of course he received his share of dosage too. Can’t a man check the aluminum foil rolled chapatis and his lunch box inside the bag before keeping it in his office bag? How could he be so careless? Will the girl eat dal? Didn’t I make it spicy? Too many questions were running in my mind until the next shock came from Adi.

The first thing I asked her after pickup was “Did you eat your lunch?” and she said she is so mad as she had to throw away the lunch. All kids had to throw their lunch away as they went to a theatre to watch a show and the theatre did not allow outside food. She even reasoned with the coordinator that her Amma woke up early to pack the lunch *preen alert starts* Oh did I say, Adi has a fan club at school for lunch. Okay not a fan club but sort of as some kids like to taste her lunch everyday. *preen alert ends*. But, unfortunately they had to throw the food away as it was strict rules at the theater. Adi was later saying it is so unfair that they made them throw away the food and forced them to buy inside. You know Amma? a popcorn pack was six dollars, hot dogs was four dollars. This is so unfair and she started crying. She said sorry to me and her Appa , for throwing away his favorite lunch. She felt very bad about this incident and kept saying sorry. It is not easy to get a sorry from her.

The story doesn’t end yet. M came home, tasted the tiny bits of dal in the lunch box and said the taste is not that good. It didn’t taste like his favorite dish. That surprisingly pacified me. Now, I have another chance to make better dal. May be soon, this time after checking the recipe with MIL.

I could have at least caught up on my sleep in the morning if I had better known as what’s coming up. So much drama to just throw it away. There is a saying that goes as “the consumer’s name has been written on every morsel of rice and no one can change it”.

The curd rice and ladies finger returned home untouched and stored in the refrigerator for now. Its destiny is yet to be identified. It could either be lucky enough to serve Adi’s taste buds or kiss the trash in few days. Let’s wait and see.

This incident was a life lesson for me as well as it taught me to not worry too much about everything and take it as it comes. What is supposed to happen will happen for sure. Learn to accept.. Long way to go!!!