Archive | August 1, 2014

Salt water flush

I have been struggling with this for past few months and made it today. I came to know about SWF few years ago from UTBT of UTBTKids and Tharani of Winkey’s ways. It took me just, just few years to actually try it and few months to actually succeed the attempt. Every time, I gulp down the salt water, it comes out the same way in less than 15 minutes and M said its not for me. My body can never get it work.

Last night, I took a strong vow to try it again and didn’t share it with M. Come morning, I woke up, brushed, packed all dabbas, warmed a tall glass of water, mixed sea salt with it and took a deep breath before gulping it down. I had apple sauce ready on counter top to suppress the throw up feel and bathroom doors wide open just in case if I fail again. Don’t ask me why apple sauce. I didn’t have lemons at home and of all that was available at pantry, apple sauce was more appealing to me. I licked tiny bit few times with my index finger and it did help. The salt water finally gave up and reluctantly agreed to come out the expected way 🙂 Four to five times to the bathroom and I feel good, more than the internal cleansing, its the immense satisfaction of finally finding the way that works for my body and proving M wrong 😀

Have a good weekend everyone!!

P.S: UTBT – I don’t know if you read my blog. If you have found weird search in your blog today with keywords flush, cleanse, salt water, internal, master then its me. I was trying the find your post about this topic but failed.