Archive | August 8, 2014

Reason #1001 of why you need a daughter

Today is an auspicious day with Varalakshmi pooja, Aadi velli and all that falling on the same day. Apparently, (in spite of Amma saying about it for past few days) it didn’t get registered in my mind until we saw our neighbors, all decked up early in the morning (what? 8am is still early for our household) with special clothes and looked bright.

I was standing there with my night dress, bun on the head and  tasks pending in the kitchen. I did brush and wash my face though. Obviously, I started with a rant soon after they left and continued with my work in the kitchen. M, as always added more fuel to the fire by saying it is not too late yet. You can finish off your office work early, make some special dishes for us to relish in the evening. He went on and on naming the dishes like vadai, payasam, sundal and that’s precisely when I overheard the daughter saying “Don’t pressure her Appa”.. Happy tears did peep out instantly. At your age, I had never watched my Amma so closely to understand her feelings. Not even now I guess. Love you pattumma. You make us a beautiful family every day (exception are your mad days). God bless you..

P.S: I do realize that it was M’s own way or should I say lame attempt to  make the situation lighter!!