Adi’s art and update on Mac

Adi’s recent artwork..

Thank you GB for the inspiration. She asked me to show it to you. She had hard time completing this as the glue became flat after drying and the foil was ripping off easily. I was happy that she didn’t give up. 

Foil art:







Update on Mac: The service center came back stating the repair cost would be $1,240. LHB seems to be a very costly boy. M said, I am getting the cheapest laptop from Walmart as I need one to work remotely. I am very upset 😦


12 thoughts on “Adi’s art and update on Mac

  1. Oh my God! She is a rockstar! I love the pruple color paint and the design she has chosen. Looks great! 🙂 For applying the glue, she should hold the glue bottle a little away from the sheet so that it falls as a thick pipe rather than a ribbon. Try not moving around that sheet of paper until it dries. I used Fevicryl fabric glue, I am not sure if different brands behave differently. She can always apply a second layer of glue to increase the level of embossing. But that means additional wait time 🙂 I am so glad she didnt give up on it. For the first time she is doing, its a wonderful job 🙂

    Now what do I say about the peacock?! Its so so so so cute! Beats my peacock – I would love to have this framed 🙂 Look at that peacock’s eye and the detailing she has got on the feathers. A little artist is in the making. I was no way near this level at her age 🙂

    Love you Adi, for doing such amazing job 🙂

    • thank you so much for the detailed comment GB.. WE read your comment together last night and she asked me to thank you for explaining the details.. She now knows GB aunty as a craft inspirational lady 🙂
      peacock was an inspiration from google but I must admit that I was very happy with the outline she got there and she choose the colors.
      thank you again..

  2. I admire people with artistic skill. Great for relaxing and stress relief(I hear).

    About the Mac. A few months back, I spilled some half a can of pop on mine and it wouldn’t start up again for a few weeks. I set it to dry in a sunny spot. It didn’t work for a couple of months but it is now working fine.

    Of course, I am not sure how extensive the damage on yours is, but maybe it will start working sometime in the future.

    My friend’s toddler daughter broke her laptop too.:-( Different world. They are surrounded by these gadgets.

    • welcome here and thanks kaj.. you don’t know the relief I felt upon reading your comment.. there is some hope now.. fingers crossed for few months.. I owe you a big treat if it works then 🙂

  3. wowo little one’s got talent .. I wish i had some talent anything would be good at this time looking at what Adi has done …

    I need to go over to GB and ask her to Teach me toooo 🙂

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