Archive | September 8, 2014

Jana gana mana

Every time I hear our national anthem, I end up with goosebumps. I shamefully agree that I don’t know the meaning of every single phrase of the anthem but determined to learn it soon. I don’t know if its the tune or the familiarity of the phrases or the memory of the past that gushes over upon hearing it. I end up with goosebumps. There are too many attachments to the anthem. school, assembly, joy of whole school singing jaya he at the end with one or two missing the coordination here and there, flag hoisting ceremony on independence day. Too many!!

Recently,I heard it at the climax of the film Mary Kom. I am such a fan of happy ending inspirational films especially sports genre. They leave me with a sense of accomplishment. As if I have won that title and it stays with me for few days though mind keeps warning that its just a movie. Talk about the effect of movies. I don’t know why but this movie also reminded me of the Clint Eastwood’s Million dollar baby.

Mary Kom+National anthem – do I need to say more? Left me with goosebumps and made me cry buckets as if my tears were saved for years. I cry for everything these days. My sambar is not tasting good,I cry. Adi is not listening to me, I cry. LHB ignores me, I cry. LHB hugs me, I cry. I hate crying, I cry. Wierd haan? I don’t know. I am not in my normal state for past few days. I have become such a whining girl. Going through the phase when the pain buried in the deep had surfaced again. Hope to pass this phase sooner. The pain is too deep to forgive. Hope I will learn to make peace with it someday and move on!

What am I trying to say now? I don’t know. Such an incoherent post this is. Everyone at least listen to the anthem and watch Mary Kom. Good job Priyanka Chopra!! I was envying your physique all through the movie. How can someone have such a flat tummy after giving birth to twins? I have again officially entered the stage where people have started asking if I am pregnant. Some are even kind enough to offer their seats at train. Sighh.. Me and my tummy – Its a long story.

Ok, before you through something at me for these ramblings let me publish this post and go to bed.