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Thank you and Updates

First thing first, a big big thanks to all my blog friends who checked on me and made sure that this being is still alive. I was this close to let go of this space but its only because of you guys that I have decided to come back. You all are too precious to lose.

So many things have happened in past one month. We moved, Adi joined new school (3rd new school in one year), M and LHB vacationing at India and Work at its peak. Commute to work has gone from 10 minutes to 75 minutes with this move and I am scratching my head to accommodate this additional 130 minutes in the already packed schedule. Do I stand justified for being away?

We moved to this place as this is considered as one of the better school district in the neighborhood. It has more Asian population. Needless to say about the competition. Adi wrote an ability test last week for which her school mentioned no preparation is required. It is to test the natural ability of the child. So, we didn’t prepare as if we prepare otherwise. But, later I heard from a fellow mom that there are online coaching classes for this test and so many sample practice papers are available in the internet. I was awestruck. It didn’t even strike me to check for resources to prepare. So many classes, so many strategies.. Oh my gosh, the mommies here are scaring the hell out of me. I feel as if I am not doing anything for Adi’s studies. I can’t believe that she will be in middle school next year. I want her to know this side of the competitive world too. Anyways,the bar has been raised for the little girl. Let’s see how she copes up with it.

LHB, please don’t ask me anything about him. He is still daddy’s boy and survives by eating sweets, fruits and drinking milk. He doesn’t eat anything substantial. My wish now is to feed him a bowl of dal rice and guess it will only remain a wish. He will start his new daycare near our home once he is back from India. Poor boy has been going to the old daycare for almost two weeks even after we moved here,spending more than two hours in car seat everyday. Honestly, I don’t see any bonding between us. Weird I know.. Hope it will change soon once I start to drop/pick him up from the new daycare and spend more time with him.

We shifted on a Friday night and I took two days off on the following week to set the home. Luckily, as we had only one year of stuff after the international shift last year, it was relatively easier to unpack all boxes on those four days. No more suitcases or boxes stacked at the home and my most favorite place of the house is utility room and garage. The best part is utility room is right next to kitchen so I use it as my pantry. I now have designated places to store things. Oh garage is for keeping cars? Let’s worry about it during winter when it snows. Until then, I am happily stocking up stuffs in garage. A glimpse from our living room window


This house has an amazing woods view from the living room and bedroom windows. Some days we are even lucky to spot deer and turkey from the window. I am paying for this loveliness with uninvited guests like ants and bugs. But, that’s fine. We can’t have it all.

Once I start to write, its tough to stop. There is so much more to say but will save them for later. How are you all doing? I will soon stop by your blog..

Take care