Halloween 2014

Better late than never has become my to go mantra.. This year, the kids dressed up as Cow girl and Spider man. The highlight is they were under my budget as the store had BOGO free offer and we didn’t know that until we billed the costumes. That was a sweet surprise.

halloween-costume-2014 - Copy

Halloween evening was the first time someone actually rang our door bell and it didn’t stop for next three hours. I was amazed to see so many kids from our community and luckily bought candies for the treat.. Look at Adi’s candies collection.. She has them neatly categorized as “want pile, don’t want pile aka appa/amma eat pile, fridge pile, no-fridge pile”…  If only she can show half of this interest in organizing her school folder. Sigghhh!!!!


We attended both school parades and LHB promptly clung on to M the moment he saw us. You should have seen the drama. He refused to join the parade after that and M had to walk along with him. On the contrary, Adi hesitated so much to wave at me when I was all teeth to see my daughter at the parade and waved with both hands up high.. The trunk or treat were fun where parents volunteered to decorate their car truck with halloween theme and offered treats.

PTA at Adi’s school also arranged for Halloween fest in the evening and it was fun to see kids with different costumes. Look at this boy’s costume. I wonder how he managed to wear it all day. I have challenged Adi to create her own costume for next year. Let’s see..



14 thoughts on “Halloween 2014

    • yeah it was fun this year to have so many kids stop by for trick or treat.. plan a trip to US during the last two months of the year Vini.. you can enjoy most of the major festivals at US.. start with Halloween and end with New year 🙂

    • It is super fun! For a second, I thought of saying trick to some kids but can’t bear to see their poor puppy face and can you believe it? even high school-ers were trick-o-treating 🙂

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