Camp with night stay

Yup, the girl has gone for two days camp with one night stay. I have mixed feelings. For the past two weeks, the talk has been only about the camp and to say she is super excited and thrilled is an understatement. We have purchased the things needed on last weekend and packed the bags on the same weekend with a sticky note on top of the bag with the list to pack on the day of the trip. You know like comb, brush. It was all her decision.

I tried my best to be a strong mom while sitting in the middle of the living room with the suitcase open, things all around and packing her stuffs. It was altogether a different experience for me to see my little girl fly away from ani’s nest for a night.

She is a weather stationer and table helper for her group for a meal. The good thing is every kid has a job which makes them feel so important and special. I just realized that I was not alone looking at the fellow parents freaking out before the kids were about the board the bus. Its a first time experience for all of us and we didn’t know how to react when the bus was leaving. The air was filled with virtual hugs an kisses much to the embarrasement of the kids. We exist to annoy them. Don’t we?

I was late by one hour to work and missed two meetings. But, I couldn’t leave the school before the bus moved out of my sight even though my poor choice of dressing made my legs awful and teeth shattering in the cold weather. I got call from the school that they reached the camp safe. Hope the kids will have super fun with environmental study by staying close to nature. Kudos to the school and teachers for all the effort.

We miss you pattumma. LHB is going to look for you in the evening. How will I feed him without you? He eats only when you eat and more importantly only what you eat from your plate. Who will I follow-up for homework completion and bedtime routines? Who will get me the laptop battery when there is only 7% remianing and I need it right away? Who will share about their day with me? Who will sit next to me to cross our legs while reading before bed? Who will LHB follow like a hutch puppy?

Our home is going to be void and quiet today evening. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. As promised, your favorite dinner will be waiting for you..

See you soon!!

Some pictures:





Waiting for the bus:


Boarding the bus:



7 thoughts on “Camp with night stay

  1. They grow up so fast, don’t they ?? I hope you are able to enjoy the quiet house bcoz once she is back ‘camp’ is all you guys will be talking about in the days to come 🙂 …. Hope she has a wonderful trip !!

  2. I can totally understand your feelings Ani, though I am not a mom yet. I vividly remember the time I bid good bye to my little sister for her tour and I can describe how those three days without her were for me. Its like, along with them we grow up too! 🙂

  3. I can totally get ur feelings. 2 more years, I will be in the same boat with you. Vaandu has never stayed without me till date. Max separation time is 9-10hrs. I dunno if I am spoiling him or not. I know kids grew up fast and get over with these, but its us who cannot grew up with them so fast. Hope she had a great time and waiting for the camp stories 🙂

  4. My heart skipped a beat too. Last time I commented on your blog, I was surprised to see LHB grown up so quickly and now Adi! I’m sure she would enjoy the trip. Do write about how LHB reacted when he sensed his Akka’s absence.

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