Archive | December 16, 2014

Urgent help please

Urgent help please.. Can someone please recommend some good christmas gift for Adi? I am tensed as she found the secret spot of already bought gifts ūüė¶ I bought¬†her the first book of HP series and a pack of nail colors and hid it at the kitchen shelf over gas range. Why o why should she open that particular shelf? I managed to say¬†that I bought them to keep her occupied during our upcoming road trip. She is driving me nuts. I am not sure if she still believes in Santa but she tells me what she wishes for. May be she expects that I will buy it for her. I don’t know and I don’t want to be the person to break the surprise. So, still playing Santa. She wants kids baking oven but I don’t want to buy that as its just waste of money and I am pretty¬†sure that it will not be used more than few days!! Please help me with some ideas for gift.. For the little one, I will get some musical learning toy..

Life is at its craziest best at the moment and I broke the hiatus to reach out to you for help.. I am glad and happy to share that my blog friends (you, you and you) were the first to come to mind when I was confused and worried..