Urgent help please

Urgent help please.. Can someone please recommend some good christmas gift for Adi? I am tensed as she found the secret spot of already bought gifts 😦 I bought her the first book of HP series and a pack of nail colors and hid it at the kitchen shelf over gas range. Why o why should she open that particular shelf? I managed to say that I bought them to keep her occupied during our upcoming road trip. She is driving me nuts. I am not sure if she still believes in Santa but she tells me what she wishes for. May be she expects that I will buy it for her. I don’t know and I don’t want to be the person to break the surprise. So, still playing Santa. She wants kids baking oven but I don’t want to buy that as its just waste of money and I am pretty sure that it will not be used more than few days!! Please help me with some ideas for gift.. For the little one, I will get some musical learning toy..

Life is at its craziest best at the moment and I broke the hiatus to reach out to you for help.. I am glad and happy to share that my blog friends (you, you and you) were the first to come to mind when I was confused and worried..


21 thoughts on “Urgent help please

  1. I am assuming you don’t want to brave the mall days before Christmas so – How about a gift card to a the neighbourhood spa? Get pedicure and manicure done (Mom and daughter date would also work).
    Or giftcard to a bookstore/art supply store? She can pick what she wants

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

  2. If you are ready to step into a book store – you can get classic books like Anne of Green Gables (series), Enid Blyton (think Malory Towers, St.Clare’s Series) – oh I can go on for hours. Let me know if you need more suggestions

  3. Ani, Not many options are coming to my mind. But how about a set of colors/ art supplies or even working clay? She can create a lot of stuff with the clay, paint them and play with them too. Will surely let you know if any more options come to my mind.

  4. Santa is the best part in christmas. Why to break the surprise?? I am with you on that.
    Is she into perler beads or rainbow looms? Whatever GB mentioned also will work. If she is into art and crafs get a gift card of micheals or Jo-Anns or her favorite craft store. If she is into baking, Micheals has this cake decorating and baking classes for kids. You can get the class pass as gift.
    Other gifts like Cozy caps and matching scrafs..Board games.. Scrap book..
    I get artwork projects every month for my kiddo from this website called kiwicrate.. Thats one option. Will send an email..
    Anyways good luck 🙂 Happy holidays and happy new year

    • you name something in arts and crafts she has it already.. that’s one of my problem.. I never wait for special occasions and get her whatever she asks for then and there.. I bought gift card from Godiva chocolatier.. hope she will enjoy it. she loves those chocolates and truffles.. happy holidays to you and your family..enjoy the festive season..

  5. Aww! That’s a tough one. Buying a Christmas gift is tough enough, and now you have to redo it 🙂 Its so cute that Adi still believes in Santa. One of Anisha’s school friends told her that Santa isn’t real when she was six, and it broke my heart. But she still wants Christmas presents!

    Now coming to your problem, does she like any games or maybe Lego? Or something like that? Something that she will play with/use a lot. I’ve seen some cute pencil cases which are shaped like milkshake bottles, the novelty of those might appeal to the kids. Books are always there as an option…

    • we are playing hide and seek.. I somehow feel that she knows santa is not real but we have not talked about it in detail yet.. My problem is I get her whatever she wants then and there and now left with no option.. thanks for the suggestions Smitha.. I have bought gift card from Godiva chocalatier.. she loves them..

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