Archive | December 24, 2014


Gone are the days when hours and days zoom past like seconds,now its a whole year that passes by like a second.. Where did 2014 go? I have no idea. I will save the retrospect post for Blogathon 2015. Yup, I am part of our close to heart tradition that we have been following for past two years. Seema is facilitating it this time. Please join if you can!

We are going on a vacation tomorrow for 10 days. Food has been packed for first 2 days road trip and bags are packed. Just that I have lost all the energy in this preperation. Phew!! Isn’t vacation supposed to be relaxing? Still hoping to have some good time at the beach. Let’s see. Its a road trip to Florida and 4 days cruise to Key West/Bahamas from there. So, I will try to join marathon once we are back.

See you all at the marathon. Till then stay safe and enjoy the holiday season!

Advance new year wishes to one and all..

P.S: Thank you to all my dearies who helped me in my crisis.. I got a gift card from Godiva chocolatier for Adi and an erasable crayon/coloring book for LHB.. Can’t wait to see her reaction tomorrow morning!!