Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and happy new year. May all your wishes come true in this new year.

We returned home yesterday morning at 2:30am after 17 hours of drive from Florida. The vacation was awesome. I will save the trip details for another post. The daily grinding routine starts in another 8 hours. I am behind by 4 days with the marathon. Will try to catch up soon though I feel pathetic to say that I am not very positive about completing the blogathon. Sorry to say this on the very first post but somehow after LHB entered our life and recent move to new place I have moved from poor to poorest with time management. I am not able to get my own time at all. Hope is all I have to believe that the table will turn soon. It took a lot of effort to even write this post but now after writing this I feel so light.

Just for smile:



15 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. A very happy new year to u and ur family too Ani !! What a coincidence, we were in Florida too during the christmas week and while coming back we did the straight 17 hour drive and reached home at 2 a.m. 😊

    • really? we took a halt at Savannah for a day while going but when returning we get that feel to just reach home and collapse asap right? we took 3 to 4 short breaks and decided to drive through.. Otherwise our initial plan was to halt at NC or SC..

      • Ya I know …. While going we stayed the night at Charlotte but coming back it was the same for us too…. Splitting the journey into two long car rides didn’t appeal…. So decided to do the straight 17 hour 😀

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