Archive | January 5, 2015

Resolution 2015

It looks like my resolutions are not time specific targets anymore and they are pretty much constant for past 3 years. Its an ongoing process to be continued every year. Success can be measured in terms of improvement. Let’s see how I fair in my resolutions from past years.

1. Eat healthy, cut down sugar from daily intake – Have been partly successful but the sweets/snacks from India later this year took its toll. I have just survived on rava laddus, adhirasam and murukku on lazy days though I promptly pack healthy food for the family. I have brought down the direct intake of sugar but should focus on cutting down any form of sweet this year and eat better.

2. Stay fit – I have gained 20 pounds in 2014. Enough said. This is one of the major goal for this year as it is for any year. I am just hanging at the edge of overweight and can easily fall into obesity in BMI. Sighh!! Plans are in place and have already started with a routine. Should follow it with dedication. The most challenging part I say!

3. Scream less – There is slight improvement in this. What’s the point in screaming when you know it has no impact? So, I have learned to make peace with it finally. I scream less these days. Looking forward to the no scream day.

4. Don’t ask for help unless its really necessary – Have improved but still working on it.

5. Lower the decibel – Again slight improvement but still long way to go.

6. Learn to listen – Will I ever? I should at least from this year!

My whole personality will change if I improve on these resolutions. I will continue with the same resolutions for this year too. Let’s see again at beginning of next year to see how I scale up. I should probably take a print out of this post and stick it to my refrigerator.

Wishing you all strength to carry on with your resolutions. Stay happy!!