When Vs If

It is mind blowing to see how a conversation takes twist and turns. Adi and I started our conversation with Vasco da Gama and ended with having a baby. Weird right?

A slice of our conversation from last night:

Scene: Bedtime and momma’s lame attempt to make the kiddo read non-fiction and biography books. We were reading a book about Vasco da Gama sitting side by side on the bed, wrapped in two blankets.

Context from the book: Vasco Da Gama gets pension from the government when he settles in his home country after discovering the sea route between Western Europe and India.

Adi: What is pension amma?
Self: Its money that the government pay you when you retire from the service to take care of your needs for rest of the life.
Adi: What is retirement?
Self: There is a specific age until when you can work in government offices. Its usually 58 or 60. After that based on some criteria and your service years your pension amount will be calculated.
Adi: Can we retire earlier too?
Self: Yes, that is called voluntary retirement services.
Adi: Will you get pension when you are 60?
Self: May be, may be not. I have to check if my employer has pension scheme and also I should continue to work for them.
Adi: Oh okay!!
Self: How old will you be when I am 60? Just subtract 25 from my age.
Adi: Hmmm 35.
Self: Oh almost the same age as me now. So, probably you will be reading to your kid like what I am doing now.
Adi: Silent
Self: (as always yours truly gets carried away and takes the convo to next level) And I will be visiting to help you when you have your child.
Adi: You mean “IF I have a child”

Lesson learnt: She is very clear on what she wants. Only that I should not confuse her with all my presumptions and confused beliefs. What if she doesn’t want a child? I know its way too early and her decisions now are subjected to change a million more times before the time comes. But still, the mother in me wants her to feel the joy and pain of motherhood.



20 thoughts on “When Vs If

  1. Oh my God!! She said that!!?? It amazing to know that she has such clear ideas at this age 🙂 As you said, it may change – but the clarity that she has now! Super cool 🙂

  2. Oh come on She is too young yet .. a LOTTTTTTTttttttttttttttt of time to go and who knows what she is going to descide when the right time comes BUT one thing I like , that is .. she knows what she wants.. and that is good in the CURRENT day and age ..

    God bless her… I wish I can be like her and know what i want and be strong towards it toooo

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