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Tomato soup

Another recent favorite of our household. I make this for dinner once in two weeks and we eat it with slices of toasted wheat bread.

For receipe please check out here –

I follow it to the T and what I liked the most in this recipe is its creamy texture without using cream and ginger’s flavor.

My preparation will start the previous day. I sautee the veggies and tomato the previous night and leave it in stove top. Next day morning, I will grind and cook them while preparing lunch for Adi. In the evening after we return from work, all I have to do is to heat up the soup for few minutes and toast the bread. Dinner is ready!!

P.S: For kids, you can also try to add some spagheti or pasta in this. I tried with Adi and she didn’t like the combo.



2014 in a nutshell

I cannot mark this as my best or productive year but yet I learned to handle situations in a better way.. This is the year I visibly noticed the change in M and I swapping our perception n many matters though there is no change in our core values about life. Staying with a person for a decade does change you a bit!

Jan – We were settling down back in US. 3 adults and 2 kids learned to live in that 700 sq.ft space happily. Oh and I did blogathon. It was much easier last year as Amma was with me.
Feb – Had a low key celebration of LHB’s first birthday. I have rejoined my old project and commute/early rising problem was solved. Still, don’t ask me what productive I did on those extra hours. I did finish a major piece of work at office after a long struggle with no help and zilch prior knowledge about that area.
Mar – Ate Amma’s food to heart’s tongue’s content much to the annoyance of other parts of body. They were all bulging at rapid speed but the culprit tongue stayed the same size. Nothing is fair in this world I say! If you don’t believe me just check my posts on this month.
Apr – LHB joined daycare. This is his first time going out of home and I should say he adapted quite well. Also, Appa joined us so it was 4 adults and 2 kids in 700 sq.ft from this month 🙂 Somehow, I liked that small space loaded with people better than this current secluded place even though you would have seen me cribbing about space.
May – Parents left to India and that was the end of my luxurious life. Organized a baking themed party for my girl’s last single digit birthday.
June – Was a major turning point. We finally made decision to stay put in this country for some more years and started hunting for better school district to shift our nest. Also, celebrated our decade of togetherness. M took us for lunch to an Italian restaurant and promised a trip to Italy for our 25th year. I liked his optimism of us putting up with each other for another 15 years.
July – House hunting sucks out both the days of every weekend and life gets even more crazier. We discussed, got confused, further discussed, further confused, repeated the discussion/confusion cycle, then narrowed our search and finalized the house in this month. It is one hour away by drive from current place.
Aug – Packing, re-packing started again. It was funny. Around the same time last year it was an international move and this year we were moving out of city. This time it was easier as we didn’t hoard too much stuff for two reasons. One – it has been just one year since we de-cluttered and Two – house was small. How much can you dump? But still we did our best for one year so much that there was hardly any space to walk at home.
Sep – The move to new place and my back was broken (due to the move). Period.
Oct – Though we moved to new place, we were still virtually living in old place. We were doing most of the shopping including grocery at old place. The couple who stayed in this home moved to our old place. So, we spotted them virtually living at our new place 🙂 It was funny.  Detachment is very tough for the human mind.
LHB and M went to India for three weeks and they celebrated Diwali at India. LHB started new daycare near our home. He settled well in few days and I am very happy with this current daycare.
Nov –  We started to setup the new home and started living in this new neighborhood. Setup is still work in progress.
Dec – Spent few weekends at IKEA, got new mattresses and a big change is Adi started sleeping in her room. It took us 9 years to setup a proper room for her. What? room for LHB? come to me after 7 years please!
If IKEA was looking for someone to open and close the store, they could have hired us in this month. We came home drop dead during every visit.

In general, work was hectic for me all through this year and I have become very poor with time management. Doesn’t that qualify for my weight gain? Nevertheless, we ended 2014 with a very good note. Took a fabulous cruise trip to Bahamas and road trip to Florida. It was a challenging trip considering our travelling abilities and M’s tolerance for driving.

There are some changes in cards for 2015. Let’s see what life has for us!! Life is good! Hola 2015..