Lunch box for kiddo

At least twice a week, I pack this – Chapathi roll stuffed with different kind of veggies – okra fry or beetroot poriyal or beans usili or mixed veg fry or any other dry veggie mix of your kid’s choice. The easiest lunch box fix. This will work well for few months. At our household, Adi  loved it initially but at the edge of getting bored now. So, its time for me to think of other ideas 😦


Pic 2 – push the chapathi in firmly and roll it as tight as possible. The other side is not tucked in the picture as I was holding the camera in that hand. Otherwise, I roll it with both hands on either side.

Pic 4 – the open edge can be pushed in so that veggie is tightly locked.



P.S: With this post I am on track with blogathon. 9 posts are published so far. Hope to stick on to one post a day from now on.. Phewww!!!


16 thoughts on “Lunch box for kiddo

  1. I love rolls! If she is getting bored, mash and stuff dry veggie and make a paratha or while making roll, add cheese or some mayo. She might find some difference in taste😃

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