Archive | January 11, 2015

Sunday rant

I started drafting a post for today at 5pm and it was supposed to be a food post but now its 10:07pm and I am going to do a post about my day today. How Sunday which is supposed to be fun and relaxing was otherwise for me!

Today has proved that weekdays are much easier to do a post than weekend. I think its more because of better planning and pre-defined schedule in weekdays. Weekends are full of this and that not doing anything to satisfaction. However hard I try, by Sunday evening couldn’t avoid that “Oh I missed to do that this weekend” feeling. It is devastating to say the least. Exactly how I feel right now!! Dishwasher is running in the background yet there are more dishes in the sink, washed clothes are yet to be sorted, veggies are not cut for this week, LHB is down with severe cold refusing to eat anything! This week is very bright!!!

It is almost time to go to bed and I am yet to publish a post for today. Unlike last year, when I always had few posts in scheduled state and scheduled my posts for 1am every day to wake up to my other side of the world readers comments. I loved reading them as first thing in the morning.

About my day:

7:30am to 9:30am – Woke up, morning duties, cleaned/marinated chicken for lunch, quick cleaning of house, LHB threw-up after his first intake of milk, had breakfast and got ready for the class.

9:30am to 11:15am – Ice skating class. It has been four classes so far and Adi is still refusing to let go of the wall. M and I learned to fall down gracefully and taking baby steps.

11:15am to 2pm – Target shopping. Thanks to the gift card from LHB’s daycare. We have spent $100 more than its value.

2pm to 3pm – Cooking lunch. Rice, Kadi and Chicken oven roast. Also re-heat of yesterday’s veg biriyani. LHB didn’t even smell any of them. Also, kick started idli batter preperation on the side.

3pm to 3:30pm –   Lunch

3:30pm to 6pm – Kitchen cleaning. The range took most of the time as it was crying for cleaning for past few weeks. There were spills all over and I did deep cleaning.
Idli batter preparation – Of all days, today the ural dal batter decided to overflow and splatter across the room, on the walls and vessels around.  Another good amount of time spent on cleaning the spills. The batter never ferments overnight for me and I have so far refrained from adding Eno fruit salt for fermentation. But today, out of sheer frustation and the fear of all hardwork going waste I added half teaspoon of it. Just want to know if its ok to add it? Anyone?
Lunch preparation for tomorrow – Kala channa masala.

6pm – 8:30pm – Browsed randomly and tried to do a post but there were so many distrubances. It is only when I decide to take some rest the whole family will come up with all sorts of things. Find M’s lost phone that was on mute, Find LHB’s medicine from shopping bags, do some paper work, sort out some bill payments, feed medicine to LHB, help M to find his pictures from last year India visit (seriously he didn’t think of it all these days?) and also try to write a post. But, if you ask the family, I was resting from 6pm to 8:30pm. Now, do you understand why I couldn’t do a post? Only solace was had a lengthy phone chat with a friend and his wife.

8:30pm-10:07pm – Try to feed LHB, help Adi go to bed, quick cleaning of the home, clean-up after LHB’s throw up. Just the half banana he ate also came out. I know that milk and banana are not suitable food for a kid suffering from cold but he is refusing to eat anything else. Load dishwasher, wash/dry soiled clothes from LHB’s throw up, clean the stove again (Courtesy: M who duly let the evening Tea overflow and didn’t bother to wipe it off when its wet itself) and finally make an attempt to write a post.

So, after such a day it made more sense to me to write about today and save the food post for another bad day. All I have in mind right now is LHB should wake up bright and happy. His next dosage of medicine is in another 30 minutes. I am very much disturbed when I think of him. My quality time with kids is dimishing day by day.

I sincerely apologies for this rant and wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!