Archive | January 13, 2015

Thank you

Thank you all for your comments. LHB was continuing to throw up till afternoon but now seems to improve slightly. I fed him one idli with sugar for dinner. It has been 2 hours now and he didn’t throw up. M was looking after him during daytime and I went to work today. I might take sick day off tomorrow if his health doesn’t get better. Though the mind says its matter of few days, it feels terrible to see him all curled up, the otherwise chirpy boy!!

Today morning, even in the busiest of time, Adi made this list for her Appa. She wants her Appa to be very clear of the options to feed LHB and kept this list on dining table. No oily/cheesy stuff Appa. She reminded him while stepping out in spite of us hurrying her. She called me after returning from school to check if she can feed grapes to LHB.

If you wondering, cuties are california clamentines and 3rd in the list is britannia marie biscuit.


Last evening, She would have tried at least ten different ways to make him laugh in spite of me asking to mind her own business and finish homework. Distractions during homework time is a mother’s everyday worry you know.. But still, she didn’t give up (in other words turned deaf ear to me) and made him laugh for few minutes. And the pride in her face when he finally gave in and laughed.. She was screaming as “Amma, he is laughing amma”. That did secretly lighten my heart! Thank you dear though I would not say it loud to you! Who will do the homework then?

May their love and bonding grow more with years!

Will keep you all posted about LHB’s health.. Thank you all again!!