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Driving is a pleasure if I drive alone with my audio set on. The recent find of playing Indian FM live from an android app only doubles the joy. Got it? I mean, when the other side of the seat is occupied by the other half, it is full of gyans. How many of you are nodding? 🙂

He keeps repeating these at every single drive only to get onto my nerves

Don’t you see the car in front of you applying brake?
Slow down, there is a sharp turn ahead..
Do you by any chance know the speed limit in this road? My bad luck, I got a speeding ticket during holiday season and paid a hefty amount. Do you want to know his reaction? He gave a “Naan sonna nee kekka mattae”(you will not listen if I tell you) stern look!!
Maintain enough distance with the car in front of you..
Avoid sudden brake..
Hey!! Hey!!Hey!! watch the road! watch the road!

Now, I am not claiming that I am an excellent driver and whatever he says if for good and all but I have been driving for more than a decade now and have around 5+ years of experience with driving at India. I am so comfortable with Indian driving style that sometimes I tend not to leave enough gap or do a sudden brake. But, he raises the ruckus in such a way that Adi and Amma doubt my driving skills. My blood boils and I would have burned him alive if my stare had the power when this Amma of mine used to say “mappilai-yae drive pannatum-di”

Nevertheless, I am the official chauffeur for the family duly dropping and picking up all three of them most of the days. Now you know where all my time is going!!

What I like with the cars in US (not sure if its there in India. At least the car I owned didn’t have these features)

You cannot take the key off when gear is not in neutral.
You cannot lock the doors when the key is inserted (we have faced situations in India when we M have locked the doors with key inside the car).
You cannot start the ignition when gear is not in neutral.
Secured car seat is a law in US.

These features have saved me many times personally. I love driving and never had fear for the road but I am scared this husband of mine might soon make me grow fear for the road!!!

P.S: I was not able to get into my reader yesterday and today. Will soon read your posts. Sorry!

P.P.S: I owe an update to all of you about LHB’s health. He is on antibiotics and recovering well. He has gone to daycare today and I packed Idli/biscuit from home and asked them not to feed anything from school. It will take few days for him to regain his appetite. I didn’t get call from the school and looks like he ate most of the home packed food. Thank you all again for the wonderful support words!