Florida and Bahamas trip – Preperation

Until a month ago we had no clue that we will be planning this trip. It was Adi’s winter break for 10 days and my mandated 9 days off from work that led us to this fantastic vacation. The time we started to look for vacation options was too late that all flight tickets were heavily priced. So, our first option of travelling by air was ruled out. Next, we didn’t want to go somewhere in local or few hours drive as we can always do it on long weekends and its very rare for all of us to get a break for 10 days. So, the only option was to take a long drive to some place and upon further narrowing down the options, a road trip to Florida beach side and cruise from there to Bahamas fit our time and budget. Not really the budget at this point of time but we proceeded for whatsoever reason.

Destination has been decided and as first step the cruise for booked – 4 night/3 day trip to KeyWest/Bahamas.  Then, it took us another three weeks to sort out other logistics, book hotels en route and shore excursions on days when the ship is docked. I was actually getting nervous as the day was nearing as we were not so used to the long drive. It was 17 hours drive. The entire drive was around 2500+ miles.

24th Dec – Packing started. All dirty clothes were washed/dried and whatever needed for the trip was packed in bags. Car tires were changed. Gas – Check. Food – I cooked and packed tamarind rice, vegetable fried rice, onion tomato subzi and potato fry. We also did last minute shopping to stock up on some fruits and ready to eats like chapathi, bagel, cream cheese, jam, bread, yogurt, fruit bar, juice carton, lemonade mix, water bottles, grapes, apples, tangerines, banana. You got the drift right? Car was filled with food more than us!! We all took bath before going to bed as the plan was to leave early morning next day. That is 5:00am..

See you at 5am on 25th Dec in next post 🙂


8 thoughts on “Florida and Bahamas trip – Preperation

  1. I can’t wait to read more! You are so well prepared! I’m the laziest at packing food while on trips. While out, eat out is our mantra! Waiting for the next installment now!

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