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Florida and Bahamas Trip – Day 1

25th Dec 5am – Are you expecting us to be buckled up in the car? You may not if you have known us well. We were still snoring away to glory. Woke up at 6am with a panic, the panic was spread instantly to rest of the family (just scream out loud – that’s all is needed to spread the panic instantly) and managed to start the sojourn at 6:45am.

We drove for two hours and then had to pull over to the shoulders in highway as LHB decided to puke all the milk he drank at home. Don’t ask me how we cleaned him/car seat, changed his dress all in that narrow shoulder in interstate highway on freezing weather within ten minutes. I should name him as puke boy. He pukes and then the next second acts so casual as if nothing has happened. Puking has become one of his routine!

Continued the drive, we had bagel/cream cheese/bread/fruit spread while driving. I had cream cheese on my right, fruit spread on my left, plate/knife on my lap, bread/bagel on my foot and managed to serve the family. I decided to feed the kids only for half tummy for rest of the drive. Adi was glued to her books most of the time. LHB followed the pattern of getting cranky, pulling Adi’s hair, dozing off, getting cranky… Poor girl was sitting next to him at the back seat and had to put up with him. I must admit that she is darling. I played music for a while, tried to read my book on phone and dozed off for most of the time as M drove major part of the trip. Luckily there was no traffic as it was christmas day when people choose to spend more time with their family than being on the road like us.


We stopped at North carolina visiting center for quick lunch, took two service breaks for gas/restroom and reached our destination Savannah at 7:30pm. Checked-in to the pre-booked hotel, had dinner, took bath and called it a day.

Oh, in the morning I sneaked the christmas gifts under wall pasted tree alike and reacted casual when Adi spotted it. I didn’t want to overreact for the fear of spoiling it and moreover we were already in the panic mood. She was happy with the gift (Godiva gift card) though she was expecting the easy bake oven. Now that Santa didn’t give it, she decided to buy the oven with her “own” money. Did I mention that I got speeding ticket when I made a trip to dollar store to buy gift wrap for the christmas gift? I should have just bought her the oven which was less than half price of the ticket. LHB was happy with the erasable crayon and coloring book and it was put to good use during the trip. By good use, I mean he even ate part of the crayons much to my dismay. But, I was helpless as all were buckled up in the car and there was no way to stop him!!

26th Dec was a day at Savannah, Georgia. More in next post!!

P.S: I will write a post for each day (blogathon calls for it) and try to cover as much details as I can about the cruise. Please bear with me.