Archive | January 20, 2015

Long weekend

Long weekend that went by was not relaxing but undoubtedly fun unlimited. One of our friend’s couple visited and stayed with us for two days. I was talking non-stop and felt that all my stress was relieved. Truly, chatting with like minded ones is my #1 stress buster.

We went to temple on Saturday morning, cleaned the house in the afternoon (my favorite task and M was forced to clean as friends were visiting **evil grin**) and friends came home in the evening. P was very kind to bring in chicken curry, marinated fish fillets and home made badam halwa. I cooked mushroom biriyani. Biryani was a disaster as I overcooked the rice 😦 We also made soy chunk meat balls. The whole evening was spent with chatting/cooking with wine as company.


Had dinner around 10pm and then played Uno till around 12:30am. Adi was so thrilled as she had hardly stayed awake this late. she was playing Uno like a pro and won most of the times. She went to bed at 12:30am and we continued to chat till 1:30am and then reluctantly went to bed.

On Sunday, I was praying hard that skating class should get cancelled and my prayers were answered. It was cancelled due to inclement weather. Made pav bhaji, avocado spread and toasted bread for breakfast.


Morning was spent with skyping with parents, playing some more Uno, bluff and casual talks and laugh. Adi couldn’t get enough of the games and was always roaming with cards in her hand. In the afternoon, I sneaked out with friends to watch I in big screen when M agreed to babysit the kids. I wanted to watch in big screen for Shankar’s bhrammandam (visually rich locations especially in songs) and Vikram’s act. Both didn’t disappoint though rest of the aspects about the movie is below expectation. This is my first Indian movie watching in US of A theatre. Thanks to the friends. We came back home and had simple lunner (lunch+dinner – that’s how Adi calls it) with leftovers , freshly made tomato rasam and boiled egg pepper fry. Friends were planning to leave soon but we couldn’t really depart. Adi made them stay over, we played cards, re-lived our days from 15 years ago and called it a day again reluctantly at 11pm. That’s when I came to bed and made picture post for the day.

On Monday, I made egg dosa and coconut chutney for breakfast. M and LHB had business as usual, friends went to NY for some errands and I spent most of the time cooking for this week. Friends came back in the afternoon and we went out for lunch. It was holiday buffet and had varieties of pongal along with other dishes. They left in the evening though it was hard to depart. Adi made a quick card for them in heart shape and the house felt empty after they left. It took a while for us to move on with routine.

I drafted 90% of this post in the train while returning home from work. Work is getting hectic. There is a new project that has suddenly become high priority and its not my comfort zone. It requires more time to analyze and understand, then comes the implementation. Tough days ahead 😦 I am forced to make effort to squeeze in extra time before bedtime to make a post every day. It is very tiring but I don’t think I will give up. What else would I do after giving up something that I love to do? Blogging is a therapy by itself!!