Archive | January 23, 2015

One of those days

It was yesterday. There was a lump in my throat and that uncomfortable feeling all day for no particular reason. One of those days when work was overloaded but I just wanted to sit by the window and do absolutely nothing. When you are down, your thoughts never help you. They only make it worse by thinking about all possible and even not possible combinations of how things can get worse. An unknown fear surrounded me and heart was racing. What do I really want? Am I productive? Am I making wise use of available time? Can’t I just make time for this, that and that? Am I overreacting? Am I exaggerating? May be, may be not!! I just wish to shrug it off as one of those days and move on but the impact is still on! If only it can be that simple!!

To add to that, I left the car head light on for 30 minutes and the car didn’t start after that. Battery was drained. M had to call one of our friend to come down and help to jump start the car. We were delayed by 30 minutes to pick up LHB and paid late fees. Thankfully, LHB ate his dinner with no big fuss. Talk about small mercies.