Quick lunch – Veg Stirfry

This was my lunch yesterday. A very quick and easy one to make.


Mixed veggies of your choice. I used stir fry pack from Costco. It had brocolli, carrot, green beans, mushroom, baby corn, water chestnut, red/green/yellow peppers.
Soy sauce
Red chilli sauce
Olive oil

Saute mixed veggies with a spoon of olive oil. After few minutes, add a spoon of soy sauce, chilli sauce and salt to taste. Fry for few more minutes until the water evaporates and then switch off the stove. Its better not to overcook veggies and leave it crunchy. I also added a handful of pasta to this as I was making pasta for Adi’s lunch while making this.


12 thoughts on “Quick lunch – Veg Stirfry

    • thank you Sri.. this is again the stir fry pack from Costco.. pasta was just a last minute addition as I was making paste for Adi’s lunch on the other stove..

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