Archive | January 31, 2015

Those few minutes

As I was about to board the train yesterday evening, a man was trying to step out and he passed out. Half of his body was inside the train car and half on the station platform. All around were panicked and frozen. Two gentlemen helped to pull him out to the platform and one of them went ahead to check his pulse. This gentleman quickly stuffed all his things into his backpack, knelled down on the platform to go face to face with the man and tried to check his basic reflex. By that time, the train authorities came by and took over the situation. The gentleman informed the authorities that he is breathing. He then boarded the train and the train moved so was our life. I wanted to appreciate his kind act but couldn’t with my own inhibitions. People around appreciated him and he shrugged his shoulder with “I didn’t do anything”.. Hope the man has been taken care and is safe now. God bless this gentleman! I will never forget his face. The funny part is the man had “fall risk” band on his wrist. Obviously, but that was noticed only after he fell. The gentleman was expecting to see his name on the band and instead saw “fall risk”.

Those few minutes made me question everything about life. What will happen if I get a call all of a sudden about my loved one’s life being at risk? What is the point in holding on to our ego so tight, fighting for trivial things and getting worried about things that we don’t have control on?  I fantasized about an ego free, status free, rat race free, s**t free world for few minutes. Then, I realized there is indeed a world like that.

Did you guess it already?

What if it is virtual? Got it now? I am talking about the world you and me are part of.

That is the blog world where we have the liberty to share our opinions, connect with like minded people, stand for each other through tough times, encourage each other with our kind words with no ego, no status or no rat race or no comparison. We all have our own little world in the name of blog and respect each other’s space genuinely. There is no reason to mock. And I feel it is this unadulterated happy feeling that is bringing us all together beginning of every year for the blogathon no matter how crazy our life is.

Simply put, I make resolutions every year. I want to bring in fitness in my daily routine, I want to nurture my hobby but failing at all of them miserably for years where as I readily jump into the idea of blogathon with no second thought and even complete it not giving up. I create time for blogathon which I am not able to do for my other long pending list. That explains It all. Simple.

I am glad to be associated with blogathon for past three years. I feel very happy and proud today.

Long live blogathon!! Long live our connections!! See you all next year 🙂

Seema – big big thanks to you for facilitating the blogathon this year!!