Feel good post

Thought I will do a feel good post after a long time. I felt like I have been complaining more about the little girl that it is now time to pass on some credits. Yesterday evening was one of those days when she was at her best.

As usual I asked about homework while returning from school and we discussed about the plan for the evening. There was no homework so plan was she can watch TV for 30 minutes and then play outside/ride bike till 7pm. Come back to home at 7pm. Have dinner. Practice for Hindi test till 7:30pm. Practice pattu till 8pm. Attend pattu class at 8pm and get ready for bed at 9pm.

On any normal day, I had to chase her around the community at 7:10pm. We both return home at 7:30pm. She will switch on the TV the moment she steps in. Demands for dinner and spends the rest of the evening by lazying around, playing with LHB or watching TV which obviously will shoot up my BP and I had to repeat 100 times (ok 99 times) to make her follow at least part of the mutually agreed plan.

Yesterday evening, she came back home at 6:55pm. Had dinner, practiced Hindi, practiced pattu and was ready for the pattu class even before 8pm though class was cancelled. All this without me following up not even one time. I am surprised how did I not end up in emergency with a heart attack. I shared my happiness with her and it was spread to the rest of the family too. I felt so light and gave her double thumbs up. We decided to have a new rule at home.

Thumbs up/down is the new rule. Any good act gets a thumbs up and any bad act gets thumbs down. End of day we see how she fair-ed for the day. I told myself “be happy as long as it lasts”. Kids are the biggest challenge to share market in terms of change.

Life is good! Touchwood. Touchwood.

14 thoughts on “Feel good post

    • thanks sri.. He still keeps us at edge some times but no complaints as he is recovering well.. that is all we need..
      About Adi, as I said “be happy as long as it lasts”.. After all she is 10 year old and expecting her to be zen like is too much. To compensate for yesterday’s behavior she was super mad at me today as I forgot to take the ice cream to school as promised when I went to pick up. See, she can’t resist those few mins to reach home when it comes to ice cream. She kept repeating that I didn’t keep up my promise and it was completely my fault, that I was one evil mother who doesn’t want her daughter to eat ice cream. I was mute until she ate the ice cream and calmed down a but as it was indeed my fault.

    • tips? me? you are asking the wrong person.. they will do things when they feel like doing it.. None of our tricks work even if they work they are short lived 😦

    • here summer break starts in another 2 weeks.. Adi has already started the count down.. some classes are also coming to an end and we are suspending some of the classes for summer.. so fun time is just around the corner 🙂

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