IMC Treasure box

I was thrilled when I got an opportunity to review IMC’s treasure box. Thrilled because I have not done any pre-defined activity with LHB so far apart from reading books to him at bedtime or random playing. We I still look at him as a baby who can’t do stuff by his own or follow direction.

But, IMC’s treasure box changed my perception and amazed me to realize how my baby has grown and can actually follow directions. We received “Under the Imli” package designed for 2-4 years.

Package contents:

The package had a book, two activities related to the book, a recipe and app suggestion.



We did both activities back to back and boy it was a proud moment for me to see my baby color, peel and stick. He was kind enough to share the crayons with his sister and her friend for coloring. It brought back the memories of craft times I had spent with my elder one. Craft was our major time pass until she turned 7. Is my baby ready for such craft sessions? I couldn’t believe my own eyes with what he is capable to do. Thank you IMC for making me realize that my little bundle has grown beyond my imagination.


We loved the pack and had fun time together. My elder one was asking why IMC didn’t plan a treasure box for 10 year old 🙂 Are you listening IMC? You have a potential subscriber for 10 year old package.

I am sure you all would love it too. Take a look at different packages they have to offer for ages 2 to 7 in both US and India.

Here’s to more and more quality time with your kids!


2 thoughts on “IMC Treasure box

  1. Thanks for the review 🙂 We hope you would keep enjoying the crafts that are coming up and have fun bonding with your kiddo.

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