Archive | September 10, 2015

So much

So much is happening in life. Adi started middle school last week and LHB promoted from Toddlers to Preppers and we all are back to routine after almost 2.5 months of summer break.

Today morning in that rush hour of stepping out to start our day, my memories were refreshed when Adi handed me a paper to sign for her school.

I felt we have moved on too quickly from “Myself checking her school folder, get the papers, fill them out and keep them back in folder for teacher’s attention” to “the girl filling up the papers including the date next to parent’s signature box and handing over the paper to me with a I-already-read-it-you-just-sign-it attitude”. I hope we stop here and don’t move on further to the girl signing it on our behalf 🙂

There she is my independent girl who teaches me life lessons every single day.

LHB is doing good, following his sister religiously not missing even her tiniest move. If she lifts her finger, he has to lift his finger. And now getting better at showing his frustration when things don’t turn out his way. All he does is spit out generously with that “bbrrrrrr” weird noise. If your face is not in the vicinity then consider yourself lucky. “No” is honored to be most used word by him especially to me as I am the primary feeding person.

I will do a separate post on the 9 days spent with Adi during the last leg of her summer break. I took a week off from work with no agenda. Adi and I just took one day at a time and did some random fun stuff every day when the boys were running business as usual.

Hope all of you are doing good. It has been eons since I logged in to Feedly. Please pardon me!!