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9 days of fun

I took a break from work for a week with no agenda during last leg of Adi’s summer holidays. That’s right, with no agenda for the first time ever during my entire tenure. M and LHB were running on business as usual and the girls decided to have some fun, one day at a time. So, this is how we spent our time

Day 1 – I arranged for an impromptu play date. It was a day that will reflect “Make lemon juice when life offers you lemons”. M left home early in the morning to run some errands and he was expected back only late evening. I had no clue what to do with two kids and no car all day. We can’t even step out. I was worried how would I engage LHB all day. Then came the lemon juice idea 🙂 Made few quick calls and three of Adi’s friends landed in our home within few hours. They baked cookies, had fun at pool and played outside. Needless to say, LHB was the center of attraction and all the girls had so much fun. I loved being a spectator of their girly chit chats and the day turned out to be better than any other normal day.

Day 2 – Family day at bake shoppe. Visited a bake shop near our home. Adi and her friend participitated in cake decorating contest while we were busy relishing the samples. She did quite well I must say!

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Day 3 – Lemonade/cookie stand day. We baked cookie at home and put up the stand near park in the evening. Sale was better than previous time. And I cooked chicken briyani and Adi’s favorite oven roasted chicken drumstick for lunch.


Day 4 – Craft day. We stayed home, played board games, scrabble and Adi made slimy slime at home.

Day 5 – Packed our bags and went to an art museum and biggest public library in nearby town. Had subway sandwiches for lunch and returned home on time to pick up LHB.

Day 6 – Family time. We visited an amusement park as family in the evening. Thanks to Adi’s friend who joined us. With her company, Adi tried all twisty and scary rides and had real fun. The rides that she would not even have looked at otherwise.

Day 7 – Pottery time. We visited a pottery store in neighborhood and painted ceramics with friends. Adi choose a plain round box, drew her signature drawing on the top and colored it. The product was too pretty to last for long. It got the blessings of LHB too soon. Hope you get what I mean. We are still keeping the box but just as several pieces 😦

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Day 8 – New York visit. Visited our friend’s family at old neighborhood. Spent few hours at their kid’s birthday celebration and then spent rest of the evening at NY. We visited Believe it or not, Chocolate world at Times square, Chelsea market and returned home past midnight.

Day 9 – Laze around day. Stayed home, watched movie and just simply lazed around. I was mentally preparing myself to return to work after 9 gorgeous days.

Apart from these, tennis court saw us for around one hour every weekday morning after the boys were sent out.

I will cherish these 9 days forever and hope Adi enjoyed it as much as I did.

I am glad I was able to jot it down here in the middle of getting ready to embrace the next change which is right around the corner.

I am still not able to get to reader and have a justification if you could accept it. Hope all of are doing good.

Take care. More later…