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Back again

I cannot let go of this space so easily. I have to take that effort to keep this space alive if not active for it holds so much of my precious memories and friends whom I don’t want to lose. Frieends who have stood by me during my trying times. Hence, blogging at 11:18pm on a Saturday night after almost two months of break.

I have been sleeping like a log for past one month. I only remember lying down on the bed and the next minute I am a log. But today I couldn’t sleep. May be due to that extra long siesta but I think the reason is different. The girl has gone for a sleepover. First time that is. What should I do to get over it? You are right. Blog. Blog about it.

LHB has asked for her a hundred times before going to sleep. She is in calling distance and will be back by 10am tomorrow. No big deal but LHB and I miss her. She was super thrilled and I hope she has a good time.

I have changed my job last month. Call me crazy before you read further. My one way commute is 1.5 hours with one hop and no working remote unless needed. Now you know why I am sleeping like a log. Day starts at 5:30am and ends at 10pm. I am trying my best to balance work and life. Despite all this, I love my new job. I was recognized to be promoted to next level in one month. New role is very challenging. I hope I will be able to do justice to it without compromising my time with family. Time will say!!

As luck would always have it, our kitchen and utility room roof decided to kiss the floor just two days after I joined new job. Blame it on next door’s dishwasher water overflow. Our wooden floor was flooded and we were forced to rip it off. Talks are still ongoing with insurance and as of now we are using a concrete floored kitchen.

I have gained back all the lost weight and I am just waiting for that guilt to hit me hard to restart my workout regime. Where I will fit this in my current daily schedule is a million dollar quesion.

LHB had fever/chest congestion two weeks ago and recovered with a course of antibiotics. He shakes me off totally when he falls sick. We have started a new bedtime routine now to learn ABCs as his recent PTM review was not that great. I also look at it as our one on one bonding time. He is surprising us every single day with new words. It is true that kids are keen observers and one day all of a sudden they will bring it all on..

Adi is doing good. Busy with her schedules, tests and quizzes every other day. I guess the following holiday month will be on a low key.

I watched “Thoongavanam” with my friends in big screen. It was a good watch.

Today is the 3rd day of Thanksgiving long weekend holiday. We spent Thanksgiving day at our friend’s place, stayed there for two days and now the girl is out for a sleepover. I have almost caught up on my sleep in this break.

One more day to go and the daily routine will kickin again.

I am sorry for this long and incoherent post. Take care all!!