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2015 in a nutshell

As it has become a tradition now, here is a round up of 2015. I am not doing month wise this time as there is really nothing much to say!!

Earlier the year, we have been through a traumatic situation that turned our life upside down. Amma arrived to help us through the tough time and stayed with us for six months. I worked from home most part of the year to handle situations at home and as everyone at home got well settled in their own schedule at this new neighborhood I decided to change my job. The long due one.

Job switch was done in Oct after being associated with the company for 12 long years and with the same client for 8 years. Life is now at its crazy best with 1.5 hours of one way commute thrown in. The current job is an agile project with 2 weeks sprint so there is literally no wait for anything. Everything has to be executed like right now so the heat is too much to handle. I made an impromptu business trip to Florida for 3 days in December. It was a nice experience. Had all day meetings, visited a friend’s home one evening and got a glimpse of the beach around the city for few hours before boarding the return flight.

Oh I went on a no carbs diet for few months when Amma was here and lost around 7 pounds but gained it all back now. Inspired from this post if anyone is interested –

We have started with some modifications at home. Few new applicances and kitchen remodelling. More on that later.

All in all 2015 was not a great year for me personally. If I am given a choice to forget a year from my life, it will be this year especially those initial few months.

I don’t expect much changes in 2016 and would be very happy and content if we all stay healthy and just go with our current routine.

In retrospect, since I passed out of college almost 15 years back, there has been only two years with no big event in life. It was 2002 and 2008. I want 2016 to be one such year. I don’t want any change or big event. This is coming from a person who love change. You can imagine my state of mind then!!!

P.S: I felt like finding that missing piece of my heart after writing the first blogathon post yesterday and reading all your comments. I called Maya instantly to share that small joy of the heart.

This space has grown so much into my system and it is turning out to be an emotion for me next to Chennai, the city I love.

January is going to be a crazy month for me. I don’t know if I can write every day staying up late like this. Today is a Saturday so I am able to do it. But, I am very very happy and glad to have started the blogathon.

Best wishes to fellow bloggers!!