Its time again

To evaluate the resolutions made last year and see how I faired. I shamefully admit that I have not improved on any of them significantly. So my resolutions remain the same as last few years..

1. Eat healthy, cut down sugar from daily intake – Not much improvement. Though some of my meals are healthy, I compensate for it right away by gobbling up junks..

2. Stay fit – Sighh!! Have joined a gym near home. Let’s see.

3. Scream less – This is a partial sucess. I scream less these days but I am ranting more. May be I should change this to learn to ignore and let it go. Forgiving is not coming easily. I can be at more peace if I learn to forgive. I mean I feel it is easier comparatively to train myself to forgive than expecting change from others. I only said it is easier comparatively. Its tough!!!

4. Don’t ask for help unless its really necessary – Definitely improved but still working on it.

5. Lower the decibel – Improved but still not there yet completely.

6. Learn to listen – Improved a little.

7. Live the moment – Good progress I must say. How? I can now leave the home messy, let my chores wait and spend quality time with my kids. Have started appreciating the time with kids and I want to spend more time with them in this year.

New additions:
8. Screen time – I used to watch at least 30 mins of TV every day until 2014 but now cut it down completely. It is only a movie if time permits during weekend otherwise no TV. Not active on social media either. I only check them occasianally when there is really nothing else to do. The impulse to respond immediately in whatsapp is also fading away. Like I said in previous point, I am trying to only do what is necessary and spend rest of the time with my kids. Kids shall be replaced with books when they don’t need me anymore. But, I am definitely not going back to TV. Surprisingly event the new big TV at home didn’t attract me much.

9. Spend more time with kids – Sometimes I realize that I am losing every single day of being with them. It feels like I have landed in this country yesterday but it has been 8 years already and similarly in next 8 years my girl will fly out of our nest to pursue her career. So, I want to shower my kids with more love as long as they are with me and spend more quality time with them.

If only I can make some progress ***rolling eyes heavily*** Let’s come back here next year.


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