Archive | January 6, 2016


His wake up routine is he is brought down in half sleep mode and made to sit in the couch to drink his milk.

once he is done with his milk and starts to play, he comes to me and ask (every single day)

mommy night time for didi (didi is Adi)

didi sleeping?

Once he hears her voice he shouts”yayyy daytime for didi”

and then says “moninggg didi*” (Good morning didi)

when he sees me doing something he asks “mommy waduingggg” (what are you doing?)

then he asks “mommy whadizzz” (what is this?) and when I respond appropriately he goes “ohhhh” in a very serious tone as if he learned everything about it now. This mostly happens when I cut vegetables.

In the evening when M and LHB come to the train station to pick me up, the first thing he asks when I get into the car is “mommy chu chu train coming?”. I reply the same every day. “Yes da, mommy come in chu chu train from office”.

when we  enter our home community he goes “Daddy, goooinn home?”

when crossing Adi’s school or his school he says “Daddy, didi school?”, “my schoooool”

When we help him with something or give him something he likes he says “thayoooo” (thank you)

When he is upset he says “not nice” in a firm voice

His most used sentences are “daddy coming?”, “pick mommy”, “pick didi”, “guinnn outsieee” (going outside)

After taking the first bite of anything he either says “mommy, don’t like it” or ” mommy, like it”

He talks non stop and so much these days. Voices out his opinions on most of the stuff.