Archive | January 7, 2016

First time ever

January seems to be a happening month or may be I make it one just so that I can blog about it.

Last night LHB refused to sleep literally. He was tossing from one end to other end of the bed constantly and disturbing Adi too. I was sitting up in the bed and tossing/rolling along with him from 1am to 4am to keep him away from the poor girl but he didn’t budge at all. I couldn’t take it after 4am and took him to M who safely sneaked to downstairs bedroom last night. He didn’t want to stay with M, then we all went upstairs and finally dozed off at around 5am and the alarm went on soon after. I couldn’t get up at all. Result – all of us woke up at 7:25am. LHB and Adi were on time to their school but I missed my usual train.

So, I drove with M till his office and decided to take train from there to my office. As luck would have it, today for the first time I left my purse in the car but didn’t realize as the train card was in my office id card holder. M was not able to reach me to inform as the train goes in tunnel. I saw his message after reaching my station and it was too late by then.

So, M decided to come to my office during lunch break to hand over the purse as I needed it for my evening commute. Thus, happened  our first time ever lunch date. I forced him to eat at the food court near my work place and I think even now he doesn’t know what lunch date means. He was just too worried about how it is getting late to work. Nevertheless, I liked it and wish I leave my purse behind more often 😉 or he gives me surprise visits for lunch.

This is the view of New Jersey from the food court. We both work on either side of the Hudson river and can see each other’s office building if we step out of our building.


Today is one happy day after a while. I did my workout too.

A big thanks to all of you who had recommended WP app. It is amazing. It took me a while to add all blogs to my reader list but once it is done things have become so easy and simple. I am now able to ready the posts offline while travelling in tunnel too. A big thanks to all of you again!! Love it!!