Archive | January 8, 2016

The saga continues

I didn’t realize the almighty will choose to grand my wish instantly but this time it was this close to becoming a disaster. 

For the second time in a row, left my purse behind and this has never never happened before. I treat my purse as my kavasa kundalam (kinda twin sister)

Today morning I planned to take 756am train. But realistically we we’re able to leave home at 802 and the traffic assured I cannot get to station on time to catch 812. So I made peace with reality that it is 837. Reached station before time and guess what I find at 825? My purse is missing. Called M and he agreed to get the purse for me as luckily he was working from home today.

He reached home and called me. This is where it was about to become a disaster. He couldn’t find my purse. I had an instant attack. The world was coming to an end for me and my head was spinning. I sat down in a bench nearby thinking hard where did I use it last. This man calls in 2 minutes to say he didn’t check the bag I asked him to check and now he found the purse. That’s exactly when my breathe evened.

He came to the station to hand it over to me and then I took the 857 train and reached office at 1015. I missed the 930 meeting. Amma said it could be due to the ragu kedhu peyarchi that’s happening now. Looks like my peyarchi is glowing bright and strong.

Rest of the day was like any other normal day. But some uncomfortable feeling is lingering around for whatsoever reason. I am retiring to bed early today as it’s my turn to put the boy to sleep today. Mr.M has already settled at the secret room with his laptop. Some people are so lucky I say!!! What smoke where? near my ears? Please ignore it.

Happy weekend to all. My weekend? Oh it’s going to be super fun with two loads of laundry, idli batter prep, cooking, feeding, prep for following week and of course cleaning.. Didn’t I tell you? It is super fun **rolling eyes heavily**