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Just 23 minutes more

is left for today to end. Let me publish this post before that.

As I already said, this space hardly saw daylight until blogathon came up. But now I notice that there is something to write every day atleast until now.

LHB woke up first today as it is on all weekends. He was playing around as we were still tossing on the bed. I was watching him now and then and suddenly noticed him walking towards the bathroom. I followed him quickly and noticed that he was not able to open his left eye. He had rubbed axe oil on his eye. I tried to wash his eyes with water and open it but couldn’t. My hands started to shiver in panic and I shouted out for M. He came and took LHB into the tub when I started checking online for the first aid. M washed the outer part of his eyes with tear free baby soap and then slowly started to wash his eyes and then in few minutes LHB was able to open his eyes slowly.

We played a small game as family to close one eye and identify colors just to check if he is fine. By god’s grace he was fine. This little one always keeps me on the edge.

Rest of the day was ok. I went to gym in the morning after cooking lunch and attended ballet barre group class today. It was tiring and good. It was all women class. There was a lady of my mother’s age in front of me and her postures were so gracious that it was a great inspiration. I pushed myself slightly and started to sweat. At the end of the class, couple of us spoke with the lady about how inspiring she was and she said her daughter is a professional ballet dancer. We were now sure from where her daughter inherited it.

Came home, fed lunch to LHB and put him to sleep. I liked our sleeping routine¬†last night when I put him to sleep. We read books and the guy seem to really like it. He had a good sleep last night. Didn’t wake up in the middle like previuos nights. I also felt very satisfied. So, I am planning to change the bedtime routine. I want to spend some 20 mins with LHB reading books with him and put him to sleep myself every day. But, I am not sure if it is feasible as usually it is M who takes him to bed at 830 and I continue with my chores.

Now, if I change this routine,that means two big change. I may not be able to go to gym and may have to do kitchen chores and blogging after he goes to sleep that will extend my day. But, I really want to follow the new routine as that gives me quality time with the boy. Where there is a will, there is a way. Let’s see.

Oh my god, I have only 7 more minutes for the clock to strike 12.

After LHB slept,took Adi to library then went to Indian store, bought ingredients for pav bhaji as the girl wanted pav bhaji for dinner. It is only weekends when I can make what she likes. So, there it was pav bhaji for dinner today.

4 more mins to go…

I put LHB to sleep today. We read the new books from library before going to sleep. Hence, the delay in today’s post but I am happy to have spent that time with him.

2 more mins to go…

Two loads of laundry done. Second load is yet to be sorted. Soaked rice/urad dal for batter prep. Moong dal sprouts ready for next week. Cleaned living room and it a mess again now.

1 more min to go..

No time to review. Hit publish NOW…